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40. Halo-Halo

Many people joke that the Philippines has two seasons: hot and hotter. Cool off with some halo-halo. In Manila, Milky Way Café offers the best halo-halo with finely shaved ice and a generous serving of leche flan, gulaman, ube, banana, kaong, beans and garbanzos, milk and a scoop of ube ice cream. (c)

Nandito Ako’s very own Josh Bradley’s favorite halo-halo! They come in different kinds. The best halo-halo I know is from Razon’s (3rd picture, lower left) because the only ingredients they put in their halo-halo are the ones I actually like: leche flan, sun-ripened bananas, shredded macapuno, and milk. And they are pretty few so you won’t get confused with the taste :)

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